Q. Why would I need a new electrical circuit?
When purchasing new Appliances or adding new Features to your home (Heat/Air Units, Tankless Water Heaters, Hottubs, Pools, Finished Basements) It is recommended you hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor to install the electrical circuit portion of the project.

Q. What do I do if my circuit keeps overloading?
If your circuits keep overloading I would stop using any outlets included in that circuit and consult a licensed electrician.

Q. Do you install ceiling fans?
Yes, we certainly do install ceiling fans. All kinds of ceiling fans in fact. Even if your room contains no electrical box in the ceiling our technicians can install the wiring needed to get that van cooling your favorite room.

Q. Can you change an existing switch to a dimmer switch?
Yes, we can! We provide our customers with many kinds of solutions to Dim various styles of lighting throughout their homes.

Q. Why does the breaker in my panel feel hot to touch?
There are a few different reasons breakers heat up. Loose connection and Overload the circuit are a few examples. Breakers getting hot are a red flag that there is something wrong with your electrical system. Turn the breaker off if possible or stop using any of the electrical outlets or lights connected to that breaker and consult a licensed electrician that can diagnose and repair the issue.

Q. How can I tell when an electrical outlet is not safe or needs to be replaced?
Frequently used outlets show signs of wear that tell you it's time for a replacement. Plugs don't stay in anymore or sag. Outlet is chipped/broken are a few examples.

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